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Replacing Lionel's Control Box - Option 2
 (Custom Vertical Through Pin Header Strip)

    Read Instructions for Option 1 Controller (free hanging receptacles) first.
   Print Drawing for Option 2 box and header strip.

This option was used in the absence of the accessory.   When the Accessory Receptacles are available, replace with Receptacle parts as described in Option 1.

Custom Vertical Pin Header Strip Construction

Use 1/16" brass rod and 3/32" brass tubing as parts in place of free hanging sockets.  1/8" thick Lexan was used for header board.

Lionel's Controller on Left                                                       Replacement on Right

Box Inside
In the past, mounted 1/16" feed through pins were available.
Header's Mounted

Header Copy
After Pins are Secured to Board, Solder Wires to Ends of Pins facing into Box.


Cut Slots in Box Back.  Various Tools for Cutting Slots in Box Back (see Drawing)
The best tools are the tools you are comfortable using.

Slot Cutting Tools


Cut Pins and Tubing

Cutting Pins Cut Pins and Sleeves
Stop Rings on Left, Pins & Sleeves on Right
Cut extra 1/16" long Stop Rings with Moto-Tool.
(Cut rings as short as possible and no need to measure.)


Smooth Brass Pin Parts

Sort Rings for Nearest the Same Length.
Finish Parts Solder Jig
Solder Jig is Oak Block with 1/16" x 5/16" deep holes.  Insert pins 5/16" deep and slip Stop Rings all the way down.  Solder.


Cut Header Pin Board 1/8" x 3/4" x approx. 4 1/2" long.

Lexan Layout
Cut Lexan with table saw.  Drill 9/64" holes for 6/32 rhms.
Mark Slots
Secure board to box back and mark slot locations. 
Remove board, mark pin locations in relation to the slots.
Drill pin holes with #52 or #51 bits for easy insertion of pins.
Do NOT countersink holes on header plate.


Insert Through Pins in Header Board Polarity Dividers in Box

Heat Sink
The Out Pins with Soldered Stop Rings are Clamped against Steel angle that will act as a Heat Sink.  Slip Sleeve over inside of pin and solder to secure.
Original and Replacement
Lionel's above Replacement Headers
Polarity Dividers
Cut 1/16" x 1/16" soft gray plastic strip with utility knife.
3 lengths of 3/8" and 3 lengths of slot height.
Bottom red arrow shows glued together parts for Dividers.
Glue Dividers
Glue 3 Dividers into the 3 slots.  (The 3/8" strip to inside of box)
Blue tape is used to mark Divider positions.
After glue dries, trim plastic with X-Acto knife if needed.


Made up Wiring Ready for Connections (from Color Coded Diagram)
Option 2 Custom Vertical Through Pin Header Strip Shown in Place of Option 1 Pin &  Socket Connectors

Made Up Wiring

Attach Header to Box using 6/32 rhms, 6/32 nuts, 7/16" Spacers.  Finish as shown with Option 1.


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