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Add Horn to Lionel Command Tie-Jector 81445 - Diagrams

In 2005 I began installing Electric Railroad Mini Commanders in MTH operating cars. They worked great and were reasonably easy kits. When I started looking for a Tie-Jector horn kit, an Electric Railroad kit seemed to be the best option. The Electric RR kits had changed in 12 years and I had no idea what to order to make up a kit.  When it comes to electronics installations I am strictly a "dot to dot" person.  With a complete kit and wiring diagram I'm reasonably safe.

Thanks to Jim Sandman I was able order the correct Electric RR parts to make up a kit that would work on the MOW Tie Work Car to add sound and a backup light to my Tie-Jector. I needed a Command receiver circuit (with antenna) and a Sound circuit kit (with speaker).  The Command Receiver (Dummy Loco Controller) circuit I ordered is relatively new and came with an interesting diagram (see first diagram below).

[Jim Sandman is an ElectricRR Dealer as well as a MTH and Lionel Service Center. He works for Almosta Junction in Clearfield UT, and Wonderful World of Trains in Ogden.  Jim's Contact Information - Jim Sandman at .]

Wiring Diagrams for Adding Horn to Lionel MOW Tie-Jector

RCDR Diagram

This is the Diagram that Arrived from ElectricRR with my Receiver kit.  The Serial wire "talks" to the Sound Circuit.

Page 19 and Page 23 below are from Electric Railroad's
RAILSOUNDS Sound Kit  Instruction Manual
Revised: Dec 09, 2013
The Electric Railroad's website under Manuals lists it as "NEW RailSounds Commander Instruction Manual"


Page 19

Page 23 










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