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Upgrade UP #80 Coal Turbine - Harness

MTH 1999 Catalog Photo

Adapt #80, #80B, and Haness for the Larger PS2 Harness and Connectors

A certified MTH technician probably has a better way.  This one works.

Evaluate Trucks for Solution
The PS1 harness channel in front truck of 80B is too small for PS2 harness.

Top of #80 Rear Truck with PS2 Harness Top of #80B Front 2 Trucks
#80 Rear Truck 80B Front 2 Trucks

Bottom of 80 and 80B Trucks

80 and 80B Bottoms 

Use Strain Relief for #80 Plug and New Routing for #80B Harness

Custom Strain Relief Clips  80B Front Truck Drilled for PS2 Harness 
These clips (3 extras) are 1/16" thick steel. 
The 2 holes for attaching the plug are drilled
and tapped for 4/40 RHMS.  The stand offs
used between slips and plug are standard
circuit board stand offs.
The cable hole is 3/16".  The slot appears to be
about 5/32"

Strain Relief Clamps 
80B Front Trk Bottom 
#80 Top Strain Relief Assembly #80 Bottom Strain Relief Assembly 
Mated Harness  Mated Harness Bottom 
#80 Strain Relief Assembly with Heat Shrink #80 Strain Relief Cable Secured with 2 Tie Wraps
Heat Shrink  80 Harness Installed 

Harness Connected and Installed Ready for Splicing for Longer Wires 

80B Cable Installed 

80B Unit Front Truck Bottom with Cable Run 

80B Front Truck with Cable 

     80B Front Truck Completed
Wires used for splicing are 24 gauge 4 pair CAT5 cable
with 1 pair for each PS2 conductor.
80B Spliced Harness 

Alternate Adaptation for #80 Connector/Plug

AG, MTH Authorized Converter, shared this adaptation with me.  This method involves drilling and tapping the cast truck body.


80 Plug 1


80 Plug 2


80 Plug 3

As Built Notes and Blank Checklists

AG, MTH Authorized Converter, shared this information that's very helpful.


80 As Built

80B As Built

80B Slave As Built




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